myStatus document request instructions

Submit a document request in myStatus

  1. Go to
    inst_main portal page
  2. Select "Submit a request," then select the user type that best describes you.
    inst_submit a request
  3. Click on the request you need from the list of available requests.
    inst_F-1 request examples
  4. When asked to select how you will be logging in, select "MU username" and "Submit."
    inst_login screen
  5. On the login screen, enter your MU username (PawPrint) and password, then select "Login."
  6. To start the request, select "Request, 2019" then "Apply". Only do this one time per request to avoid duplication.
    inst_request year
  7. In the request:
    • A: Check the request name to make sure it is correct.
    • B: Read and follow the instructions carefully.
    • C: Complete all items in the Questionnaires panel.
    • D: Select "FINAL SUBMIT" to submit your request to the International Center.

    inst_good standing request
  8. Your request status will change to "Submitted" or "Processing," depending on the request type.
    inst_request status
  9. To return to check on the status of your request, go to and under "LOGIN" select "F-1/J-1 students."
    inst_login to review requests
  10. After logging in, you will see all existing requests in the Records panel of your homepage.
    inst_profile view
  11. Once your request is processed, the status of your request will change to "Request Processed."
    inst_profile_request processed
  12. Click on the request to check for further instructions.
    inst_further instructions

For technical issues with myStatus, email

For other questions about your document request, please contact your international student adviser.